OTR Meals Refer A Friend Link – Get $25 And Give $25 Using OTR Referral Program

Share On The Run Meals Referral Link To Give Your Friends $25 Off Their First Order

OTR Meals running a OTR Referral Program in which users just have to Share OTR Referral Link or OTR Meals Refer A Friend Link to friends and family members, so that if anybody Register OTR Meals, Sign UP OTR Meals or do OTR Meals Subscription using your Unique OTR Meals App Referral Link/Code than on per successful joining your friend will get $25 Off their first order and you will also get $25 as OTR Meals Referral Bonus in the form of OTR Meals 500 Points credits .

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About OTR Meals

OTR Meals ( On The Run Meals App ) app is an online healthy meal delivery service Toronto . Toronto Food delivery service provide On The Run Meals to customers to order food online. Fresh , healthier, tasty and delicious food is deliver to customers door . OTR allows user to choose either to order weekly or purchase a subscription. As OTR Meals Subscription plan have something more benefits. OTR Meals provide mainly about all types of food Veg and Non-veg also . Users can buy OTR Meals Gift Cards also . OTR Meals Toronto , OTR Meals Canada , OTR Meals Ontario are the locations .

How To Create Account On OTR Meals And Earn Rewards

1 . Open the OTR Meals Website than on Homepage you will get Join Now option click on it .

2 . Now you will have to enter some details like .- First Name

3 . Last Name

4 . Email

5 . Password

6 . Than click on Create button.

7 . When you successfully create Account on OTR Meals than you will instantly get 25 Points.

8 . And you will earn points everytime when you shop .

9 . This OTR Meals points can be redeemed for exclusive discounts.

How To Share OTR Meals Refer A Friend Link / How To Use OTR Referral Program

1 . Just open OTR Meals Website or OTR Meals App and go to below Referrals option .

2 . Now you asked to enter your Email .

3 . Than you will get your OTR Meals Referral Link or OTR Meals Refer A Friend Link .

4 . So there you will get option to send On The Run Referral Link via Email , Twitter , Facebook , Messenger , WhatsApp, etc.

5 . Now if your first order will be above $99+ and receive $25 worth of points for each successful referrals that purchase .

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